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Lamborghini Espada Series III
Lamborghini Espada Series III

The Lamborghini Espada series III was the last iteration of the iconic model and was built from December 1972 until the end of the production run in 1978. Only 456 units of the series III were made although the Espada was Lamborghini’s most popular model to date. Numbers kept low because Lamborghini was a new brand and the production was limited. Throughout the production, many upgrades were made to the model. One of the main improvements was the tuning of the 4-liter V12 engine, boosted to deliver an output of 350 hp. Many revisions were made to the design of the model: a new dashboard was fitted, featuring a more organized and refined layout that gave the pilot easier access to commands, and a more refined steering wheel was introduced presenting a harmonious and elegant cabin.


Lamborghini Espada Series III Seller’s Guide

Should you be the current owner of a Lamborghini Espada Series III and thinking about selling it, the Alex Manos team is ready to assist you! Their Los Angeles dealership is the home for a wide inventory of classics and they’re always looking to add new cars to their growing collection. The experts have an extensive knowledge of the market and they’ll help you evaluate your automobile accurately, according to the current market situation. The team is known for excellent customer service thanks to the tips and advice they regularly share with clients and friends. For example, they’ll recommend you take your car to your trusted classic Lamborghini technician and make sure easy fixes are done before potential buyers carry out a pre-purchase inspection. This way, you’ll limit their leverage and increase your chances of getting the desired value for your classic.



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