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Lamborghini Urraco
Lamborghini Urraco

Introduced in 1970, the Lamborghini Urraco was groundbreaking as it was the first compact supercar made by the manufacturer. Competing with the Ferrari Dino and the Porsche 911, the Lamborghini Urraco was powered by a mid-mounted 90-degree V8 with only one camshaft per cylinder bank—instead of Lamborghini’s usual V12. The Urraco featured a completely new transaxle and bodywork, with the body shell welded on the fabricated pressed-steel chassis. The model was usable and well built with a 2+2 layout and a design signed by Bertone and transversely mounted engine and transmission. The Urraco also featured all disk brakes and an all-independent suspension system with MacPherson-strut instead of double wishbone.


Lamborghini Urraco Seller’s Guide

The Lamborghini Urraco is a rare classic nowadays, as production was limited to low numbers, due to some mounting problems in the Sant’agata factory. The Urraco featured a more powerful engine and a roomier interior than the Dino 246 GT and the Porsche 911 it was competing with. Be sure to give as much detail as possible about the car and what makes your classic special. For example, you can make buyers more excited by giving them interesting facts like saying that the model was named after a breed of fighting bull. The Alex Manos team can help you with your ad and give you tips and advice on how to make the best transaction. What’s more is that their Los Angeles based dealership is looking for new classics to add to their growing inventory and they’ll make you a top dollar offer on the spot should your car fit their needs.



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