Buying or Selling a 1962 Lotus Elan?


1962 Lotus Elan
1962 Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was introduced in 1960 and produced from 1962 to 1973 in many variants. The Lotus Elan 1500—or Lotus Elan S1 type 26 was the original model and was recognizable to its colored coned rear lights, pop-up headlights, curved windshield and roll-up windows. A 1.5-liter, twin-cam engine powered the very first models, with an output of 100 hp. The Elan’s engine was soon boosted to its full 1.6-liter and 105 hp potential. Pre-1956 models were all roadsters. An optional removable hardtop was made available from 1963, and the car could be ordered in kit. The Lotus Elan +2—or Plus 2—came out later as a four-seater coupe option, only available assembled. With its simple, light, and streamlined body, the 1962 Lotus Elan was a very successful sports car that offered unmatched performance and handling.


1962 Lotus Elan Seller’s Guide

Looking for a buyer for your 1962 Lotus Elan? Alex Manos and his team are a good place to start. Their Los Angeles classic car dealership has a large collection of classics and the team is regularly adding new models to the growing inventory. The staff is known for making top dollar offers and providing a hassle-free experience. The Alex Manos team also shares many tips and advice to help classic car owners sell their classics. For one, they’ll recommend you to share as many details as possible regarding your ownership experience. Buying a classic is an emotional purchase. If potential buyers relate to your stories and the car’s history, they’ll be more likely to make a better offer. Alex Manos and his team are always happy to speak with other classic car enthusiasts so don’t hesitate to reach out to the team and ask for their help.



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