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1962 Lotus Elite
1962 Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite Type 14 was the first Elite, introduced in 1957 and produced from 1958 to 1963 in two Series. The most distinguishable feature of the Lotus Elite Type 14 was its advanced fiberglass monococque fabrication, which made the car extra light. A large engine with crazy horsepower was therefore not required to compete with other sports cars of the decade. The car’s aluminum, straight-four engine had a capacity of 1.2 liters and an output of 85 hp. The unit was linked to a smooth and precise ZF gearbox for the SE edition—Special Equipment. The Lotus Elite could reach a top speed of 112 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 11.4 seconds, according to a road test by The Motor magazine in 1960. The 1962 Lotus Elite S2 featured a more luxurious interior than its predecessor, as well as revised rear suspension.


1962 Lotus Elite Seller’s Guide

As the current owner of a 1962 Lotus Elite, you probably know that the history of all Elites is maintained by Lotus in the Lotus Elite World Register. This is an interesting fact that makes Lotus sports car even more exclusive, interesting, and appealing. Don’t hesitate to tell as many fun and interesting stories about the Elite when trying to sell your model. This is only one of the many tips the Alex Manos team regularly shares with their clients and friends. Feel free to connect with the friendly staff to ask for further advice to help you sell your 1962 Lotus Elite at the price you want. Alex Manos and his team are also on the look for new models of classics to grow their collection. Should your model fit their collection, they’ll make you a great offer.



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