Buying or Selling a 1963 Lotus Elite?


1963 Lotus Elite
1963 Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite marks a step in the history of the manufacturer, as the first grand tourer model. The car was introduced in 1957 and produced until 1963 in two series and a SE variant—Special Equipment, recognizable to its silver roof. A monococque fiberglass construction was employed, which saved costs and reduced weight compared to the traditional aluminum and steel fabrication. Peter Kirwan-Taylor designed the car, combining great aerodynamics and elegant lines. A 1.2-liter, straight-four, aluminum engine powered the Elite and offered 75 hp—85 hp for the SE. Winning classes at Le Mans and the Nürburgring among other races, the Lotus Elite was also very successful on the track. When the production ended in 1963, over 1,000 models of Lotus Elite had been built and the Elan model came as a replacement.


1963 Lotus Elite Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling a 1963 Lotus Elite, the Alex Manos team can give you a few tips. For one, your ad will be a powerful tool. Making a good first impression will make a great difference in getting the attention of potential buyers. Be sure to include a complete description of the model, including specs from the description above if needed. Potential buyers will also appreciate interesting facts such as the existence of active clubs for Lotus Elite owners. The Alex Manos team is at your disposal to help you sell your 1963 Lotus Elite at a good price. Their Los Angeles classic car dealership is the home for a large inventory of classics and the team is always on the look for new models to grow the collection.



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