Buying or Selling a 1970 Lotus Elan?


1970 Lotus Elan
1970 Lotus Elan

Presented at the London Motor Show, the Lotus Elan was produced from 1962 to 1973. The Elan was designed by Colin Chapman and featured a backbone frame, a fiberglass body, all-disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, and all-coil independent suspension. As a result, the 1970 Lotus Elan offered an enjoyable driving experience and unmatched handling capabilities thanks to the lightweight of the body. The Lotus Elan was available in a coupe trim, a Plus 2 variant with four seats, or a two-seater roadster convertible with an optional hardtop. To avoid taxes in Great Britain, the model was also offered in kit form. More power and nicer appointments were brought to each development of the Elan. Among the nice features of the 1970 Lotus Elan were a one-piece walnut wood dashboard and a 126-hp, four-cylinder engine.


1970 Lotus Elan Seller’s Guide

When selling a classic car, there are many tips that can help you make a good transaction. First, it’s important to gather all the documentation you possess on the model to present to potential buyers. Second, showing a fully detailed model in a nice environment can be a major trigger for purchase. Finally, be sure to let interested buyers know how about the good experiences you had owning your 1970 Lotus Elan. Should you be interested in learning more about the best practices for selling a classic Lotus, please feel free to reach out to the Alex Manos team. The friendly staff would be delighted to assist you with the sale of your 1970 Lotus Elan.



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