Buying or Selling a 1971 Lotus Elan?


1971 Lotus Elan
1971 Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was first built in 1962 and the model remained in production until 1973. A special Elan Sprint model based on the previous Series 4 cars was introduced in 1971, powered by the 1.6-liter, 126-hp engine. The Lotus Elan Sprint features a bicolored body with white lower panels and upper color chosen by the buyer, separated by a gold line. The Elan Sprint switched back to the Weber carburetors after a few years featuring Zenith-Stromberg depression carburetors, while keeping the bump on the hood initially created to fit the higher Zenith-Stromberg carburetors. From 1967, a four-seater model was also offered and was called the Lotus Elan Plus 2—or +2. The Plus 2 model had a longer chassis and a slightly higher roof. The “big valve,” 126-hp engine of the Sprint models powered the 1971 Lotus Elan +2.


1971 Lotus Elan Seller’s Guide

The Lotus Elan was made in high numbers compared to similar sports cars of its generation. Many classic car enthusiasts are looking for a good model. The Alex Manos team has many years of experience buying and selling classics of all makes, models, and conditions. The experts are always looking for new classics to grow their collection and they’re known for making top dollar offers on the spot. Should you be thinking about selling your 1971 Lotus Elan, the team would love to take a look at it. The team also shares tips and advice on how to make good transactions when buying or selling classics. For instance, they’ll recommend you take your 1971 Lotus Elan to your classic Lotus mechanic to ask if any small fixes could be made to increase the value of your model.



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