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1981 Lotus Eclate
1981 Lotus Eclat

The Lotus Eclat was an agile front-engine grand tourer introduced in 1974 and produced until 1982. The Eclat shared many similarities with the Elite, its predecessor. One of the major differences was the fastback rear end design of the Eclat, which created more space inside for passengers and luggage. The 1981 Lotus Eclat was the series 2 model and boasted improved suspension, a smoother and more precise Getrag five-speed gearbox, and a bigger engine increasing the torque. The Lotus Eclat was very light thanks to its clever steel chassis and fiberglass fabrication, and its 160 hp made the car very enjoyable to drive. More comfort and practical options were available on the last version of the Eclat, including air conditioning and power steering.


1981 Lotus Eclat Seller’s Guide

Lotus was also known for being at the cutting edge in terms of aerodynamics and handling. The Eclat was a wonderful sports car, offering a thrilling driving experience along with four seats and trunk space. However, the car wasn’t produced in big numbers due to poor timing of the model release. If you own a good model of 1981 Lotus Eclat for sale, many classic car collectors will be interested. Nevertheless, finding a serious buyer willing to pay the price you want can be a hassle. The Alex Manos team can help. The experts have many years of experience in the classic car industry and they are aware of the current market situation in terms of availabilities and values. Moreover, their Los Angeles classic car dealership has a large and growing inventory of classics. If you own a special model of 1981 Lotus Eclat, the team might make an offer.



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