Buying or Selling a 1981 Lotus Esprit?


1981 Lotus Esprit
1981 Lotus Esprit

The first Lotus Esprit was sold in 1976 and the model was continued until 2004. Two variants of the Esprit were available in 1981: the Turbo Esprit and the S3 or Series 3. The new chassis of the third generation was based on the configuration of the Essex cars—a previous sub model—and the body production employed a common set of molds. A 4-cylinder, 2.2-liter engine powered the series 3 and the Turbo Esprit was fitted with a wet-sump lubricated unit capable of producing 210 hp. The 1981 Lotus Esprit featured the simple lines and rear hatch of the S2.2 body for the design of the S3 model, and the full aerodynamics body kit of the Essex variant for the Turbo model. Both variants offered more room and new trim inside


1981 Lotus Esprit Seller’s Guide

Looking to sell your 1981 Lotus Esprit? The Alex Manos team would be happy to assist you. The knowledgeable and experienced staff is dealing with classic cars sales and purchases on a regular basis and can tell you about current availabilities and recent transactions to get an idea about the value of your model. The team is known for helping their clients and friends by sharing valuable tips and advice on how to make a good transaction. They’ll suggest you take the time to gather the documents you have for the car in an organized folder, for easy viewing. Buyers will appreciate a well-documented classic and the model will have more value down the road. Contact the Alex Manos Los Angeles classic car dealership today to find out how much the team would offer for your 1981 Lotus Esprit.



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The Alex Manos team would love to meet you and take a look at your 1981 Lotus Esprit. The friendly staff is known for their fair and honest deals and for their many additional services. Connect today to find out more and get started with the project of selling your 1981 Lotus Esprit!


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