Buying or Selling a 1983 Lotus Esprit?


1983 Lotus Esprit
1983 Lotus Esprit

The first model of Lotus Esprit was produced in 1976 and the Esprit model was manufactured until 2004 in different variants. In 1983, the Lotus Esprit offered was the S3 or Series 3 model. The Lotus Esprit S3 was based on an Italdesign concept by Giugiaro and featured simple and elegant lines, as well as great aerodynamics. The 2.2-liter engine previously mounted on the S2.2 model powered the Series 3 Esprit, while the chassis and running gear came from the Lotus Essex Turbo Esprit of 1980. Many revisions were made to the interior of the 1983 Lotus Esprit, such as the improvement of the soundproofing, new seats and a better dashboard. The Turbo Esprit model was also available in 1983 and boasted a more powerful engine with 210 hp and additional torque. The body kit developed for the Essex cars was used on the Turbo Essex.


1983 Lotus Esprit Seller’s Guide

Less than 800 models of the Lotus Esprit were made between 1981 and 1987. If you own a model of 1983 Lotus Esprit and you’re ready to sell it, many classic car collectors will be interested. Alex Manos and his team are known for making fair and honest offers on classics of all makes, models and conditions, taking into consideration the condition of the car, its history and the current market value. The team has acquired a valuable expertise thanks to their long-time experience in the industry and they’re always happy to share tips and advice with their clients and friends to help them make the best transactions. One good tip is to gather all the documents you own on the classic in an organized folder to present to potential buyers when they come see the classic. A well-documented classic is more valuable and buyers will appreciate the effort and care.



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