Buying or Selling a 1949 Maserati A6?


1949 Maserati A6
1949 Maserati A6

The Maserati A6 was officially introduced in 1947, although two A6’s were constructed in 1946. The final production number was of only 61 when a more powerful model replaced the A6 in 1954. Each unit was hand-built, as Maserati’s production facilities being quite rudimentary at the time. Moreover, the brand just started developing road cars and the focus was still on the racing units. Finally, the 1949 Maserati A6’s engine was tuned to the low quality and low quantity of fuel standards of the post-war era, which meant the 1.5-liter 6-cylinder unit only produced an output of 65 hp, compared to the 175 hp of the racing engine. However, these specifications didn’t take away from the charisma of this classic, and the Maserati A6 was still appreciated for its simple, sharp and raw driving experience, combined with the elegance and refinement of the body and inside designs.


1949 Maserati A6 Seller’s Guide

If you are planning to sell your 1949 Maserati A6, you can call the Alex Manos team and talk with the experts about the condition and special features of your vehicle to define its current value. The team has been active in the classic car market for many years and will be able to tell you accurately how much your A6 is worth, taking into consideration the latest transactions and the current market availabilities. The friendly professionals will also provide you with useful tips and advice on how to prepare the car for sale. For example, they recommend that you gather all the documentation concerning history and maintenance in a folder. Buyers will be interested in repair and maintenance reports, certificate of authenticity, ownership history, and list of features.



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In addition to their tips and advice, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to hear about your car and make you an offer if your classic fits in their inventory. The experts will make you a top dollar offer at a fair and honest price thanks to their extensive knowledge. For more convenience, the team offers to pay cash and arrange transportation from anywhere in the USA. Alex Manos clients also enjoy great quality of service and a quick, easy, and trouble-free experience. Take the stress and worry out of selling your classic Maserati by contacting their team today.


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