Buying or Selling a 1963 Maserati 3500?


1963 Maserati 3500
1963 Maserati 3500

When first launched in 1957, the Maserati 3500 was well received by the public and motoring press, and is still considered as one of the brand’s largest successes. Design and performance both helped to build the popularity of the model. Under the hood, a 3.5-liter, all-aluminum, inline-six engine was fitted with twin cams, a hemispherical combustion, and twin spark plugs. The 1963 Maserati 3500 drove through a five-speed transmission unit upgraded from the four-speed ZF gearbox of the first models to give the car extra flexibility. 1963 models were also fitted with a Lucas fuel-injection system replacing the traditional Weber carburetors and increasing the output by 15 hp. Both 2+2 coupes by Touring and convertibles by Vignale featured elegant, classical, and refined lines that became iconic of Maserati’s models.


1963 Maserati 3500 Seller’s Guide

Produced from 1957 to 1964, the Maserati 3500 was different from its main competitors, thanks to the model’s understated elegance and performance. If you are thinking about selling your 1963 Maserati 3500, the Alex Manos team would like to share a few tips with you. First, do not be shy on details when you advertise your car. Potential buyers will be interested in the car’s specifications, but also in its special features and history. Second, a good set of professional pictures will attract more buyers and is often the trigger to a phone call. Finally, if you show your model to prospects, have your mechanic take a look at it prior to the pre-purchase inspection to make sure the car is in its best condition. In addition to providing tips and advice to their clients and friends, the Alex Manos team also regularly acquires new classic cars for their own inventory. Take the hassle out of the selling process by asking their experts to evaluate your 1963 Maserati 3500 and make you a top dollar offer on the spot.



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