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1967 Maserati Sebring

Introduced in 1962 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Maserati Sebring succeeded to the popular Maserati 3500 GT. The series II model offered in 1967 featured hooded headlamps and a lower profile hood scoop. All the finest equipment developed for the Maserati 3500 GTI was used to in the construction of the 1967 Maserati Sebring. The model also featured improved elements and new 2+2 bodywork by Vignale. Many luxurious options were made available to reach out to the healthy American clientele more effectively: air conditioning, special paint, radio, wire wheels, and an automatic transmission—seen for the first time on a Maserati. Most of the series II Maserati Sebring boasted a 3.7-liter engine with a power output of 245 hp, although a few 4-liter, 255-hp models were made.


1967 Maserati Sebring Seller’s Guide

Offered from 1962 to 1969, the Maserati Sebring is a desirable classic car for enthusiasts and collectors. Only 348 units of the 3.5-liter model were made and 245 units of the 3.7 and 4.0-liter combined, for a total of 593 units from 1962 to 1969. If you’re the owner of a 1967 Maserati Sebring and thinking about selling it, please don’t hesitate to contact the Alex Manos team today. The team stands at your disposal to help you make the best possible transaction. Thanks to the experts’ long-time experience buying and selling classic Maserati, the team can share valuable tips and advice with their clients and friends. For one, remember that potential buyers will be sensible to the car’s history. Therefore, don’t hesitate to share as much information as possible on the model and the way you took care of it—by making sure the engine is warmed up before driving off, for example.



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