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1969 Maserati Ghibli I

A gorgeous 2+2, 2-door sports car, the 1969 Maserati Ghibli I was one of Maserati’s most popular models ever made. The long body was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro at Ghia and is characterized by a sharp nose and flawless proportions. The Ghibli I was smooth, well balanced and a real joy to drive although its performance was not as impressive as its Lamborghini and Ferrari V12 competitors were. A good model still offers a thrilling driving experience and no additional power is missed. Producing 330 hp and a heart-wrenching noise, the 4.7-liter V8 was perfectly tuned by the engineers. A standard five-speed ZF gearbox linked the engine to the pedals and a three-speed automatic transmission was made available as an option from 1969. A convertible model was introduced in 1969, and the same year, the interior and dashboard of the Maserati Ghibli I were redesigned.


1969 Maserati Ghibli I Seller’s Guide

Whether you’re the owner of a barn find at a relatively affordable price, or a fully equipped Ghibli SS with leather seating, tinted power windows, a heated rear window and air conditioning, the Alex Manos team is a great place to start your project of selling your 1969 Maserati Ghibli I. Their Los Angeles classic car dealership regularly buys new classic Maseratis and the experienced team has an extensive knowledge and expertise of the classic car market in terms of value and availabilities. Selling a classic car can be a huge hassle and the Alex Manos team’s goal is to make the process as easy and trouble-free for you as possible. Call them today to get their top dollar offer. In addition to evaluating your vehicle precisely according to its condition and history, the team will offer great additional services.



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The Alex Manos team is ready to assist you with your sell of a 1969 Maserati Ghibli I. Contact the team today to find out more about their services and ask for their useful tips and advice on how to make the best transaction. Call them today to get started!