Buying or Selling a 1969 Maserati Mexico?


1969 Maserati Mexico
1969 Maserati Mexico

The production of the Maserati Mexico started in 1966 and ended in 1972, although most were sold before the Maserati Indy took over the Mexico’s clientele in 1968. The design of the sedan was very subtle and classical, thanks to Vignale. The Maserati Mexico was a practical yet powerful sedan, which appealed particularly to true enthusiasts who wanted a luxurious and sporty car without the showiness of a Ferrari. The first models of Maserati Mexico were fitted with a 4.7-liter V8, and a 4.2-liter variant was introduced in 1969. 4.7-liter models were fitted with Borrani wire wheels, while 4.2-liter cars featured steel disc wheels. Options such as a radio, an automatic transmission, or power steering made the Maserati Mexico a well-appointed model. High-quality leather seats, electric windows, iodine headlights, a beautiful wooden dashboard, and air-conditioning also came standard for extra comfort.


1969 Maserati Mexico Seller’s Guide

If you are currently thinking about selling your 1969 Maserati Mexico, be sure to have the car ready for a pre-purchase inspection with the help of your classic Maserati technician. Small fixes can usually be made and will improve the condition of the classic to give less advantage to potential buyers. If you wish to make an easy and quick transaction, start by calling the Alex Manos team and requesting a quote from one of the experts. The team is regularly buying new classics for their Los Angeles classic car dealership inventory, and your models will most likely be of interest to them. Thanks to their long-time experience in the industry, the team has an extensive knowledge about the market in terms of value and availabilities. They can give you a fair and honest offer taking into consideration the options, the history and the general condition of the car.



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