Buying or Selling a 1969 Maserati Quattroporte I?


1969 Maserati Quattroporte I
1969 Maserati Quattroporte I

The Maserati Quattroporte I was last produced in 1969, and the model was discontinued partly due to some financial issues at the company. A few special editions of the GT were manufactured a few years later, however, and the next generation of Quattroporte was introduced in 1979. The 1969 Maserati Quattroporte I was powered by a 4.7-liter, V8 unit, based on Maserati racecar’s engines. The unit was capable of 290 hp and could propel the car up to 140 mph. In the 1970s, the Quattroporte was the best four-seater GT on the market, featuring luxurious options, a spacious inside, and beautifully designed bodywork. Updates were made throughout the production run and the 1969 Maserati Quattroporte I featured a redesigned more solid rear suspension, disk brakes all around and options such as air conditioning and a three-speed automatic transmission.


1969 Maserati Quattroporte I Seller’s Guide

As the owner of a 1969 Maserati Quattroporte I, you most likely know all the specifications of the model. However, do not hesitate to ask the Alex Manos team if you need help listing out the features of your classic. One of the best ways to sell your 1969 Maserati Quattroporte I for top dollar, is to ensure that the buyers have all the information available on the car to make an informed decision. Connect with the Alex Manos team to discuss the steps you can take to ensure a successful selling process. The experts would be also delighted to hear about your car, as they are looking for new classic cars to add to their inventory. In addition to their reputation for fair and honest deals, the team is also renowned for their top quality service. For example, they will offer to take care of paperwork and transportation to make the experience more convenient for you.



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