Buying or Selling a 1974 Maserati Khamsin?


1974 Maserati Khamsin
1974 Maserati Khamsin

Introduced at the 1972 Turin Motor Show and produced until 1982, the Maserati Khamsin was named after Saharan desert wind. The Khamsin was made to replace the Ghibli as Maserati’s new flagship GT car. Designed by Marcello Gandini and based on the Lamborghini Uracco, the Khamsin featured a fastback 2+2 shape and characteristic transparent rear bodywork. The 1974 Maserati Khamsin was a quite comfortable and usable GT, featuring a power clutch, power brakes, and power steering, with an optional automatic 3-speed transmission. The car could reach a top speed of approximately 170 mph and achieve a 0-to-60-mph acceleration in roughly 6 seconds thanks to its powerful 4.9-liter V8.


1974 Maserati Khamsin Seller’s Guide

If you’re the current owner of a 1974 Maserati Khamsin, you probably know everything about the model’s specificities. Be sure to give as many details as possible when putting the car up for sale and don’t hesitate to ask the Alex Manos team for precisions if you’re unsure about a feature. The team can also help you gather all the useful information and paperwork to make it easier. As you may know, Alex Manos and the experts working at the Los Angeles-based classic car dealership are regularly looking to add new models to their growing inventory. Should your 1974 Maserati Khamsin fit their collection, they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. The team has a lot of experience in dealing with classics and they know the current market well. Their offers take into consideration the condition of the classic but also the latest sales and the availability. Call them now to hear more and ask for tips and advice on how to make the best transaction.



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