Buying or Selling a 1978 Maserati Khamsin?


1978 Maserati Khamsin
1978 Maserati Khamsin

Introduced in 1972 at the Turin Motor Show, the Maserati Khamsin was available from 1974 to 1982. 2+2 coupe with a front-located 4.9-liter V8, the Khamsin didn’t experience the same success than its predecessor, the Ghibli, partly because it was released in the oil crisis context and also because of the increasing safety and emission regulations, as well as the beginning of speed limitation. Although the model wasn’t fitted for the era, the 1978 Maserati Khamsin was an interesting, beautiful, and mechanically advanced vehicle. The Khamsin offered great comfort and wonderful handling thanks to an elaborate suspension system featured double shock absorbers at the rear. Developed under Citroen’s ownership, the Maserati Khamsin was equipped with some of the French manufacturer’s hydraulic system pieces, such as the power steering, power brakes, power clutch, adjustable seat, and headlamps mechanism.


1978 Maserati Khamsin Seller’s Guide

Wondering how to sell your 1978 Maserati Khamsin at the best price? The Alex Manos team is a great place to start. Come visit their Los Angeles dealership and show them your classic to get their quote. If your model fit their growing inventory of classic car of all makes, models and conditions, the team will make you a top dollar offer on the spot. All offers are payable in cash and include additional services such as transportation. The team is ready to assist you and looks forward to helping you sell your 1978 Maserati Khamsin. One thing to remember with selling a classic Maserati is that buyers will make their decision based on their first impression. Therefore, it’s crucial to spark their attention right away by showing what makes your automobile special, whether it’s its history of ownership, the color combination and options or the prizes won at Concours d’Elegance. Don’t hesitate to call the team with any questions on their offers or to get additional tips and advice from the knowledgeable experts.



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