Buying or Selling a 1979 Maserati Merak?


1979 Maserati Merak

The Maserati Merak was launched in 1972 following its sister, the Maserati Bora, which was introduced in 1971. The Merak was essentially a Bora with a V6 engine—instead of the V8 unit mounted on the Bora. The smaller engine made the car more affordable but also more practical, as an extra row of seats was fitted in the back. Equipped with a well-tuned suspension system, including coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, the Maserati Merak was a sophisticated model. Disc brakes were also fitted on both axles, the front ones being vented. Giugiaro, who was commissioned to transform the beautiful Bora into a smaller but no less gorgeous Merak, signed the design. In 1977, an SS variant was made available with a more powerful engine and a different interior.


1979 Maserati Merak Seller’s Guide

The Alex Manos team understands how difficult it can be to sell your 1979 Maserati Merak and also that the process can be a great hassle. Start by connecting with their team and have them evaluate your car according to the current market situation and the model’s condition and history. If your classic is of interest to them, they’ll make you a good offer on the spot. Take the hassle out of the process by having the Alex Manos team organizing the sale, the transportation, and the paperwork. The team will even pay cash if convenient! In addition to their offer, the Alex Manos team will give you useful tips and advice on how to make the best transaction. For one, they’ll tell you to give a lot of details on the ownership experience. Most buyers’ will take a decision based on an emotional bond to the model. If your car has been enjoyed and cared for, and they can feel it, then buyers will be more likely interested.



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