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Maserati A6
Maserati A6

Although the Maserati A6 model was formally introduced in 1947, two models of the Maserati A6 were built in 1946. The car boasted a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and an output of 65 hp. The after-war quantities of fuel being limited and the low quality of the grade forced the engineers to tune down the engine of the A6, which was based on the 16-cylinder, 175 hp unit that the company used for racing. The Maserati A6 was fitted with a newly designed 4-speed gearbox, an independent front suspension system, and a separate chassis. The design was initially penned by Ernesto Maserati early in the development, but was significantly reworked by Pininfarina. This resulted in an elegant, humble, and harmonious design inside and outside. This design set the tone for the brand’s image: classic Maserati were timeless, simple, and refined.


Maserati A6 Seller’s Guide

Thanks to its rarity, beautiful design, and simplicity of engineering, the Maserati A6 is a desirable classic car for collectors and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a buyer if you are thinking about selling yours. A useful tip to attract serious buyers is to take professional pictures of your car, with detailed shots of the inside, three-quarter shots of the outside, and to make sure the background environment is nice and clean with a good lighting. For a quick and easy sale, feel free to contact the Alex Manos team who will make you a top dollar offer on your classic. The professional staff has acquired a very good reputation for fair and honest deals on all types of classic cars throughout the years, and they will strive to provide you with impeccable service.



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