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Maserati A6G
Maserati A6G

The first production model made by Maserati, the A6/1500 was an encouraging success and the brand decided to pursue their efforts in developing road cars. Between 1951 and 1957, two series of Maserati A6G were made, based on a slightly reworked chassis than the one used on the first A6 model, and both fitted with 6-cylinder engines. The later model boasted an improved 2-liter unit with twin cams, and was named the Maserati A6G/2000. Part of the A6G series were also two racing models: the Maserati A6GCM and the Maserati A6GCS – G referring to cast iron block or “Ghisa,” CS to “Corsa & Sports” or “race & sports,” and M for “monofaro” or “mono reflector.” Improvements were brought to the model throughout the production run to better compete with the twin cam competitors such as Ferrari. From the first 1.5-liter models to the 2-liter, a significant increase in power output was achieved, from 65 hp to 170 hp.


Maserati A6G Seller’s Guide

With its beautiful design and its small production numbers, the Maserati A6G is a highly sought after classic and many buyers are looking to acquire one for their collection. If you are considering selling yours, the Alex Manos team would love to speak with you! Their expert staff is always looking to add new special classics to their collection. Their long-time experience in the classic car market gives them an extensive knowledge of the different models, but also of the current value and availability of the various models being sold. Should your car be of interest to them, the team will make you a top dollar offer on the spot and will provide you with useful tips on how to best sell your Maserati A6G. For one, if you are used to working with a trustworthy Maserati technician, it can be useful to take the car in and fix small things to present it in its best condition to potential buyers.



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