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Maserati Mexico
Maserati Mexico

Produced from 1966 to 1972, the Maserati Mexico is a four-seater GT coupe popular for its gorgeous body style. The design of the model was based on a 2+2 prototype penned by Vignale and presented at the Turin show in 1965. The prototype drew a lot of attention and Adolfo Lopez Mateos, who was the Mexican president at the time, decided to buy the Turin-show model. Maserati started the production of the model and named it the Maserati Mexico, in honor of the president. The car was built on a shorter wheelbase, using the same chassis than for the first generation Quattroporte. The same 4.7-liter unit with Weber carburetors powered the first model. The Maserati Mexico was capable of producing an output of 290 hp and reaching a top speed of up to 155 mph. Maserati started offering the Mexico with a smaller 4.2-liter V8 engine in 1969, to address a demand for a more affordable and easier sports car. The cabin featured a wooden dashboard, power windows, standard air conditioning, and comfortable leather seats, making the Mexico model a comfortable and luxurious automobile.


Maserati Mexico Seller’s Guide

If you are currently trying to sell your Maserati Mexico, Alex Manos and his team would be happy to assist you. Although classic Maseratis from the era are quite desirable, selling your model may be a complicated and tiring process. Being well-prepared and providing potential buyers will a complete list of the car’s options and features, as well as the history of the vehicle, will make you save time. Add detailed shots of the vehicle and you will end up getting phone calls of only prospects that are genuinely interested. The Alex Manos team can help you gather the information needed to build a complete ad. The other option is to ask how much money the team would give you for your classic. They are renowned for their fair and honest offers, based on the current market and the condition of the model.



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