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Maserati Mistral
Maserati Mistral

The Maserati Mistral was named after the cold northerly wind famous in the South of France, and was the successor to the iconic Maserati 3500 GT. The Mistral was the last Maserati to be fitted with the straight six-cylinder DOHC engine that made the success of the Maserati 250F Grand Prix cars in many races. The first models were fitted with the 3.5-liter engine of their predecessor, soon upgraded to a 3.7-liter and then a 4-liter unit. Power came from the engine through a standard five-speed ZF transmission. The engine boasted a Lucas fuel-injection system, which was a novelty when the car came out in 1963. Designed by Pietro Frua and built by Maggiora, some Mistals featured all-aluminum panels.


Maserati Mistral Seller’s Guide

If you are considering selling your Maserati Mistral, here are a couple of tips that the Alex Manos team would be happy to share with you. First, you want to make sure you present a detailed and recently serviced car to potential buyers. Second, buyers will appreciate an organized folder with all the documentation you have on the car available for easy viewing. Finally, share stories about your ownership experience and how you took care of your classic, as buyers will identity and be more likely to purchase your car if they feel connected. Those are very simple tips that can make a big difference. Do not hesitate to contact the Alex Manos team for more advice. Thanks to their many years of experience in the classic car industry, the experts have unmatched expertise when it comes to the selling and buying of any classic cars.



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The Alex Manos team welcomes any opportunity to assist you with your classic Maserati sale and would love to hear more about your Maserati Mistral. Should your classic fit their inventory, the team will make you a great offer on the spot and offer many additional services. Connect today to get their quote and hear more about their services!


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