Selling a 1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet


1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet
1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet

As the owner of a 1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet, you understand the classiness and overstated luxury that these unparalleled cars exude both while parked and moving. Available as a 2+2 Coupe, a Cabriolet or a Roadster, the Type 300 was reserved for only the most affluent and well-heeled buyers of the era. Popular owners included many entertainers, heads of state, government officials and, most notably, Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Owning more than six throughout his tenure, the Type 300 would earn the nickname “Adenauer.” A very limited edition release, the 300S Cabriolet would see only 203 units come off the production floor between September 1951 and August 1955. Because these are such highly sought-after automobiles, potential buyers will want to verify the authenticity of your Type 300S. This can be accomplished by verifying the chassis number, which should be 188.010 for the Cabriolet models.


1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

One of the factors that can boost value in your 1952 Mercedes Benz 300S Cabriolet is any additional options that your car offers. Items such as Becker radios, full leather and wood trims, writing desks, curtains, sunroofs, dividing partitions and sirens are just a few of the many additional options that were offered by Mercedes Benz at the time. Many of these cars also have quite distinctive histories. Any provenance you can provide to prospective buyers demonstrating this history will also add value to your classic. Lastly, one of the key components in the evaluation of your 300S will be the completeness of chrome trim, as these parts are very hard to find and quite costly. Buyers will want to take this into consideration when purchasing. With years of experience and expertise in the classic car market, the team at would be delighted to help you evaluate your 1952 Mercedes 300S Cabriolet and is always just a phone call away.



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Whether you’ve recently acquired your grandfather’s 300S and simply don’t have any space to keep it or you’ve completed the restoration of a 1952 Mercedes Benz 330S Cabriolet and are interested in learning more about its value in today’s market, let the Alex Manos team, a California classic car dealership, help you today! They look forward to hearing from you and, should your classic fit into their collection, to offering you top dollar for your Mercedes. Connect today!


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