Selling a 1953 Mercedes Benz 300S


1953 Mercedes Benz 300S
1953 Mercedes Benz 300S

Quite simply, the Mercedes Benz 300S was renowned for setting the standard for engineering and performance among the luxury cars of the 1950s. Presented at the 1951 Paris Auto Show, discerning buyers from around the globe would set their sights on this car from its launch. Offering elegant styling, advanced technology, unparalleled craftsmanship, and all the glamour that came from owning a Mercedes during the time, the 1953 Mercedes Benz 300S was highly sought-after then and now. Made at a time where all cars were hand-finished to exacting standards, only the finest materials were used in the construction of these classic autos. Owners enjoyed the rich feeling of top-of-the-line leather, exotic wood, and luxurious pile carpet. In fact, personal luggage custom-fitted to the car was a popular option during the time. If you own a 1953 Mercedes 300S or any year model from the Mercedes 300S line, having the original luggage certainly adds value to your classic.


1953 Mercedes Benz 300S Seller’s Tips

With the astonishing price tag of roughly $12,500, the 1953 Mercedes Benz 300S was reserved for the rich and famous. Many of the owners of the 300S were dignitaries, celebrities, or well-heeled professionals, including Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, the Prime minister of Thailand, and the King of Jordan to name just a few. When selling your 1953 300S, the team at recommends doing your due diligence to explore pricing and comparable sales. As prices can change dramatically based on condition and features, they also recommend preparing a list of options that were included in your particular model and to be fair with your evaluation of condition. A car of pristine condition is generally one that is as close to original as possible, while a poor condition model can range from a 300S body found in a barn to an unfinished restoration project. Specialists in the purchase and sale of European classics, the California classic car dealership professionals at can assist you with these Seller’s Tips and more.



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