Selling a 1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet


1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet
1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet

Constantly trying to evolve their brand to meet the needs of customers, and very aware of the high expectations customers would have on such a luxury item, Mercedes Benz would work diligently to perfect its exclusive Type 300. The culmination of these efforts would first be seen in the 300B, the first major variation to the original Type 300, which had been launched in 1951. The 1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet would be presented at the Geneva Motor Show of the same year. Visually, the 300B could be identified by new bumper guards on the front and rear bumpers (previously available on export models only) and by the new vent windows in the front doors. Buyers also loved the new chrome perforated wheel rims for their looks, yet they were ultimately designed to give better heat dispensation for the larger, now ribbed, brake drums. Standard power-braking assist was also new for the 1954 model-year. Under the hood, buyers received 10 more horsepower, jumping to 125hp, and reduced fuel consumption.


1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

Whether you’re selling your 1954 Mercedes Benz 300B Cabriolet because you need more room in your garage, because you’re ready to move on to your next restoration project, or because you’re ready to liquidate your collection of classics, the Alex Manos team wants to speak with you. Designed with sellers like you in mind, you’ll find a wealth of resources throughout this website aimed at helping you understand the demand for your particular model in today’s classic car market. The Alex Manos California classic car dealership is always looking to buy classic cars of all makes, models and conditions. They always pay top price and can pick up from any location in the United States. Selling a classic of this caliber requires more than an ad in the local newspaper. It also requires sorting through buyers who have no intention of purchasing and scheduling inspections, test drives and viewings of your classic with buyers who are serious. It can be a full-time job to sell a classic like this. On the other hand, when you contact Alex and his team, you can rest assured knowing that they will take all the worry and stress out of selling and that you’ll receive top dollar.



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