Selling a 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet


1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet
1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet

Launched to the world in 1955, the Mercedes Benz 300SC Coupe, Roadster and Cabriolet models were among some of the most breathtaking automobiles of their time. Considered “big cars for big occasions,” their price tag made them available to only the most affluent and elite buyers of the era. If you’re the owner of the a Mercedes 300SC, you are well aware of the unparalleled craftsmanship, world-class materials and meticulous attention to detail that was used to manufacture these cars. Commanding your attention whether parked or moving, the 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet offered an inline-six engine that delivered 173hp to drivers. At the time of its release, prices would nearly double that of the American luxury cars of the era, as well as its 300S predecessor. Today, with only 53 Cabriolets manufactured through April 1958, the Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet is perhaps one of the most sought-after and rare of the Mercedes 300S and 300SC lineup.


1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

If you’re thinking about selling your 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet, the Alex Manos team of California classic car dealership professionals is happy to answer any questions you may have and looks forward to providing you with the Seller’s Tips you need to be successful. Because of the high cost of these luxurious classics, serious buyers will always want to have the car inspected by a third-party and often by someone who is knowledgeable in classic Mercedes models. You should always be accommodating to this request. While rust is not typically a major factor with these classics, you should be very honest about the overall condition of your 300SC, particularly because it is a Cabriolet and it is expected that the open-top will have caused some wear and tear to the interior over time. These are just a few of the Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over the years.



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Always in the market to purchase new classics for their inventory, the Alex Manos team welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SC Cabriolet. Having developed a stellar reputation for fair and honest car deals, it would be their pleasure to quote you top dollar in cash for your classic, and can pick up from any location in the United States. Learn more by contacting their team of professionals in Los Angeles today. They look forward to hearing from you soon.


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