Selling a 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL


1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL

Nicknamed the “Gullwing” after its unusual swing-up doors, the 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL or 300 “Super Leicht” is considered one of the most desirable Mercedes autos ever built. The Gullwing is also one of those rare occasions where the 300SL Coupe is more valuable than the 300SL Roadster. First released to the public in 1954, the production version of the 300SL could be purchased for the hefty sum of $7,000 during its day. This small, nimble sports car was elegant, attractive and fast. With a top speed of 130 to 155 mph, the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing was one of the fastest vehicles on the 1950’s. Many enthusiasts will tell you it was the performance, design, reputation and futuristic Gullwing doors were responsible for the success of the 300SL and the iconic status the car has to this day. The 300 SL Gullwing also has a long history of racing success prior to its 1954 introduction to the public, as prototypes were entered in the 1952 24-Hours of Le Mans as well as the Mile Miglia to name just a few.


1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Seller’s Tips

The most recognizable design feature of the 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL was the Gullwing or butterfly-wing doors. Well received by owners and spectators, the doors added a distinctive quality that could not be found in any other vehicles at the time. The doors were not without problems however, and as a result after just 1,400 units, the Gullwing doors were replaced by conventional doors on the 1957 Roadster. More than 1,800 roadsters were sold. The team at understands the passion behind these exceptional autos and the often-tough decision to sell classic Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing models. While most Gullwings range from relatively good condition to pristine, showroom examples, the team at Alex Manos buys models of all conditions – and locations! They encourage you to contact them today to discuss your particular model and to begin the process of valuating the auto.



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