Selling a 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe


1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe
1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe

The 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe, first debuted in Cabriolet form at the 1955 Frankfurt Auto Show, would launch into production during October of 1956. Taking styling cues from its Sedan counterpart, the 220S Coupe was built on a shortened Sedan chassis to create a more personal and less expensive alternative to the Type 300. Accentuated by longer doors, additional chrome trim along the body panels, and wrapped in leather and wood, the 220S Coupe also featured a 2.2L inline-six engine with 99hp. Twin carburetors would be added later, which would increase horsepower to 105. The overall weight of the 220S Coupe was also trimmed back by using steel skimmed doors over alloy frames. In total, 3,429 units of the 220S were manufactured between 1956 and 1959, with 1,251 of those models being Coupes. If you’re thinking about selling your 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe, there is still a wide demand for these special classics in the market today.

1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe Seller’s Guide

The high cost of restoration on the 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe and other 220S models in the line leads buyers to look for the most complete example they can find. It is always in your best interest to advertise the most accurate description of your 220S model’s condition to ensure you’re not wasting the time of buyers looking for a certain type of classic. Similarly, there are buyers in the restoration process who are looking for donor cars and will be interested in your Mercedes 220S no matter what its condition. Buyers will likely ask you for the engine and chassis numbers, which can be found on the crankcase and on the fork support above the plate, respectively. The Alex Manos team of California classic car dealership professionals have worked in the classic car industry for years and can help you not only establish the overall condition of your vehicle, but its value in today’s market as well. Furthermore, if your Mercedes will fit into their growing collection of European and American classics, they will be happy to offer you top dollar to purchase the auto. Offering pick up from any location in the country, their team will make the process of selling your classic as smooth and successful as possible.



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