Selling a 1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet


1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet
1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet

First presented to the public in 1951, the Mercedes Benz 300 saw several variation changes during its eleven-year production run. The most extensive changes to the Type 300 would come in the fall of 1957 when the 300D would be released. The changes to the 1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet would even result in a new series designation internally with Mercedes; it would be called the W189. Beginning with a longer wheelbase, the overall look of the 300D would be considerably different than its predecessors. The rear of the car would now feature gently contoured side wings and a vertical taillight design. The front of the car would also feature newly redesigned headlamps with trim rings, and rectangular fog lamps would now be integrated into the wings. Owners were also very pleased with the new rear window, which expanded their view by extending the entire width of the car and wrapping around the sides. Retractable side windows, when paired with the new rear window, would give a 30 percent increase in window area and gave passengers a new sense of light and air within the space. Ultimately designed to capture the American market, only three units of the 1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet would roll off the production floor.


1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet

While only 65 units of the Mercedes 300 D were produced between 1957 and 1962, the fact that only three units came off the line in 1957 makes the 1957 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet model one of the most rare; second only to the 1961 model-year when only one unit was produced. Whether you’re the owner of a 1957 model or have any Type 300 that you think the Alex Manos team would be interested in, they’d be happy to hear from you. They buy classic cars of all makes, models and conditions, and are always excited to learn about a unique or interesting car that may be coming on the market soon. Alex and his team of California classic car dealership professionals have a solid reputation for fair and honest car deals and always offer sellers top dollar for their classics, in cash! They have industry connections around the country and can arrange for inspections and pick up from any location in the United States. They do all of this because they believe in great customer service and they look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.



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