Selling a 1958 Mercedes Benz 300D


1958 Mercedes Benz 300D
1958 Mercedes Benz 300D

European classic car history will tell you that the last of the Mercedes Type 300 line was less intended for mass production and more as an indulgence for the firm. No matter what their reason for continuing to produce the Mercedes 300D and its sister models, the car was an instant classic that has captured the hearts of collectors across the globe. While the first three models – the 300, 300B, and 300C – differed mostly in technical advancements, the 1958 Mercedes Benz 300D was not only larger, but offered a new, fuel-injected engine. This put the 1958 300D more in line with the American luxury cars of the time. Furthermore, the 1958 Mercedes was visually different. All four windows could be lowered, including their chrome frames, and there was no B-pillar, giving the passengers an open and airy ride. When the Webasto sunroof was included in the package, the car could almost pass for a cabriolet. For this reason, it is often nicknamed the “convertible limousine.”


1958 Mercedes Benz 300D Seller’s Tips

Between 1957 and 1962, 3,077 Mercedes 300D models were produced, along with another 65 special-order cabriolet models. Of course these cabriolet models are some of the most desired in this series. Whether you have the sedan version of the 1958 Mercedes Benz 300D or the exclusive cabriolet version, the team at would be happy to discuss the sale of your car. A California classic car dealership that is renowned for offering top dollar for classics of all makes, models, and conditions, it would be their pleasure to learn more about your car to determine if it will fit in their collection. As with all classic cars, Seller’s Tips for this particular Mercedes include providing all documentation as possible, noting options such as sunroofs, special paint, or wood and leather combinations, and allowing for a third party inspection where necessary. These are steps that can help you sell your classic more efficiently. These steps can be made easier by partnering with Alex and his team. They are always happy to offer top-dollar, in cash, and on the spot for your vehicle. Furthermore, they can pick up from any location in the United States.



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