Selling a 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster


1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster
1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster

First debuted in 1955, the Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster was the successor to the ultra-luxurious 300S and would be manufactured with the same meticulous craftsmanship and world-class materials Mercedes Benz had become known for. An instant classic from the day it rolled off the production floor, the 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster, Coupe and Cabriolet models would be the finale in a long line of truly awe-inspiring post-war luxury cars. Exceptionally limited both then and now, the 300SC would see only 200 models produced, of which 49 were Roadsters. As an owner of a 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster, you understand the unparalleled feeling these cars can give their drivers and their unmatched ability to turn heads whether parked or moving. If you’re looking to sell your 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster, the Alex Manos team understands that this can be a difficult decision and will work with you to ensure the sales experience is as pleasurable and successful as possible for all parties involved.


1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster Seller’s Guide

Selling a 1958 Mercedes Benz 300SC Roadster requires some preparation on your part. You’ll need to have any documentation on ownership history, maintenance or restoration on hand, as well as recent photographs of the car. You’ll also want to ensure that the car is accessible for serious buyers to view and, if applicable, ready to be taken on a test drive. Similarly, if the car is not in running order, you’ll want to ensure you’ve taken the time to give an accurate description of the car’s condition and the parts or components that will come with the sale, if any. The value of these classics, while primarily based on rarity, is also based on the overall condition and originality of the car. You can also contact Mercedes Benz to request a Certificate of Authenticity to further boost the value of your classic. These are just a few of the Seller’s Tips that the Alex Manos team has learned over the years and are happy to share with their valued clients and friends.



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