Selling a 1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe


1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe
1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe

The Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe and Cabriolet models would be short-lived. First launched in 1956 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Cabriolet form, the models would be replaced with the fuel-injected Mercedes 220SE in 1959. One of the most desired post-war classics to come from the German automaker, the 1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe was certainly a sight to be seen. Commanding attention whether parked or moving, its sleek curvature, shiny chrome and luxurious appointments would make even the most affluent buyers stand in line to purchase one. In total, 1,251 Mercedes 200S Coupes would be released. If you’re the owner of a 1959 Mercedes 220S Coupe and would like more information about selling your classic, you’re in the right place. Offered with a myriad of additional options, you’ll find many different combinations of options on these cars. Always make note of the options your particular model offer. One of the most interesting and rare options that make some models stand out is the 4-speed column shift manual transmission with optional Hydrak automatic clutch. Furthermore, a 220S Coupe with a 4-speed floor shift is rare, as most were column shifters.


1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe Seller’s Guide

When it comes time to sell your 1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Coupe, it’s not uncommon to have mixed emotions. The Alex Manos team understands the unique bond that we form with our classics and will make every effort to ensure your sales experience is professional, smooth and worry free. Furthermore, as classic car enthusiasts themselves, you can rest assured knowing that the Alex Manos team will take great care to find the buyer that best suits your classic. They invite you to contact them today to discuss the condition and history of your classic, and look forward to helping you place a value on your car based on the current classic car market. Should you car be something they are interested in purchasing, they will happily offer you top dollar on the spot. With industry connections across the country, they can also inspect and pick up your car from any location in the United States – even Alaska.



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