Selling a 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D


1959 Mercedes Benz 300D
1959 Mercedes Benz 300D

If you’re thinking about selling your 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place., a leading California classic car dealership, has put together a few Seller’s Tips to help you get started. First, the Mercedes 300D saw only 3,077 models released from 1957 to 1962, with approximately 65 special-order Cabriolets. Buyers have a hard time finding these models, so there will likely be demand for your classic. Whether you have a 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D that has been sitting in a barn untouched for decades or a pristine, showroom quality 1959 300D, finding the right avenue to sell your car can be difficult. There are online ads, but they require your time and dedication to answer questions, meet potential buyers, allow for third party inspections, and more. When you choose to partner with the team at, you can count on your transaction to move swiftly and professionally.


1959 Mercedes Benz 300D Seller’s Tips

Alex and his team of classic car professionals understand the value and importance that your 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D has had for you and your family. Perhaps it was your mothers first and only car, the car you painstakingly remodeled from the ground up, or the car you’ve wanted to complete for decades but haven’t had the opportunity for one reason or another. You can rest assured that Alex and his team will be happy to offer you a fair, top dollar price and will happily pick up from any location in the United States, including Alaska. They have assisted hundreds of happy clients with the purchase and sale of their own classics and look forward to welcoming you into the family. Contact them today to learn more about their sales process and to discuss your specific 1959 Mercedes D.



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1959 Mercedes Benz 300D

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Whether you’ve just started thinking about selling your 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D or you’ve thought about it for years and are finally taking the steps, call Alex and his team today at 877-912-0007. They are always just a phone call away and look forward to discussing your classic with you. Connect now.


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