Selling a 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet


1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet
1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet

If you’re the owner of a 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet, you own the only 330D model to come from the 1961 model-year. As this was the last model-year for the Mercedes Benz 300D before it was retired, these last models are some of the most sought-after and feature all the advancements and styling changes that would come down the line during its eleven-year production run. From the Pope to actors Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn, from Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy to the Chancellor of Germany, the Type 300 was known as a diplomat’s car – a big car for big occasions. Today, the 1961 Mercedes 300D and its sister models are renowned as collector’s cars and are a regular staple at Concours d’Elegance shows across the country. If you’re looking to sell you 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet, you can guarantee there is a buyer out there just waiting for your car to become available.


1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

The Alex Manos California classic car dealership would like to be your buyer. Based in Los Angeles, their team of classic car professionals is always looking to buy classics of all makes, models and conditions, and is enthusiastic about learning more about your car. Designed with you in mind, they welcome you to browse their website to learn more about their company and the cars they are looking for, as well as their sales process. They stand on a stellar reputation for fair and honest car deals and always offer their sellers top dollar on the spot, payable in cash. Because of their connections throughout the classic car industry, they can pick up your classic from any location in the country. From Alaska to Florida, Maine to Texas, and everywhere in between, let their team help you find a new home for your cherished classic Mercedes.



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The 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Cabriolet would be the last of a much-loved line. While only a handful of models were released each year, it was the car’s commanding presence and stately elegance that drew buyers from across the globe. That presence and elegance continues to draw buyers, and the Alex Manos team looks forward to learning more about your car. Connect today to get started!


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