Selling a 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D


1961 Mercedes Benz 300D
1961 Mercedes Benz 300D

There are a number of characteristics that can help you differentiate the Mercedes 300D models from their predecessors, the Mercedes 300C. First, many of the 300D models were offered with the Borg-Warner automatic transmission, which was not available at the time of the 300C launch. Second, the 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D and other year models featured front and rear bumpers will a less massive profile than previous years. Lastly, power steering and air conditioning were available with the 300D and not with the 300C. Another one of the main differences between the two models was the longer and more airy design of the 1961 300D. With windows that could roll down all the way, including the chrome frame, and with removable rear quarter lights, the unobstructed view that was offered to passengers lead to the nickname “the parade car.” In fact, many government officials and well-heeled buyers used the car for just that.


1961 Mercedes Benz 300D Seller’s Guide

Whether you have a 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D that has been sitting in the garage mid-restoration for years, a pristine condition 300D that you simply don’t have the time to enjoy anymore, or you’ve recently come across a barn find 300D, you’ve come to the right place. Determining a value for your car and selling your classic can be a tedious task if you do not have the right people in your corner. At, their team of Los Angeles classic car dealership professionals know this market like the back of their hands and can quickly offer you top-dollar, in cash for your classic on the spot. Furthermore, because of their connections throughout the United States, they are happy to arrange pick-up from anywhere in the country, including Alaska. Whether restored, in mint original condition, old or new – contact Alex and his team today!



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The market for 1961 Mercedes Benz 300D models is growing as more and more collectors and enthusiasts set their sights on owning a piece of Mercedes history. Contact the team at today to learn more about your selling options and to get started in finding your classic a new home. Connect today at 877-912-0007; they are standing by to take your call.