Selling a 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111


1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111
1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111

Tasked with finding a suitable successor to the illustrious Ponton series of Mercedes Benz, when the Head of Passenger Car Development, the Head of Body Development, and the Head of Engine Development got together, what resulted was the Mercedes Benz 220SE 111. Using the only guidelines given to them – that the passenger cabin would be roomier – their team set out to design a car that would be strong enough to stand in contrast to the Pontons, but that would capture the heart of the export market. Perhaps the most notable indicator that the 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 was designed for the American market was the addition of the now famous fintail edges. Ironically, Karl Wilfert who was the Head of Body Development at the time, decided at the last minute that he did not like the fintails – but by that time it was too late.


1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 Seller’s Tips

The 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 and other year models would go down in history as the first successful executive global auto for Mercedes. From 1959 to 1965, more than 66,086 of the Mercedes 220SE 111 cars would roll out of production. Today, many buyers turn to the 1963 Mercedes SE for its iconic styling and classic design. If you’re looking to sell a 1963 Mercedes 220SE 111, you’ve come to the right place. A Los Angeles classic car dealership with a worldwide presence, Alex Manos and his team of professionals would be happy to discuss the sale of your Mercedes classic. One of the biggest Seller’s Tips they can provide to you is to be realistic with your desires and to have as much documentation on the car as possible. Car provenance, restoration and maintenance history, and owner records can greatly increase the value of the right car. No matter what your reason for selling, contact today to discuss your options.



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