Selling a 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet


1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet
1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet

The 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet was a big car with a strong, commanding presence. While beautiful, the 220SEb was also designed with safety in mind and quickly found itself at the forefront of automotive design thanks to innovative front and rear crumple zones and Mercedes-patented retractable seatbelts. First introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1959, Sedan models would be released first with the Cabriolet and Coupe versions running in parallel to the Sedan starting in 1961. The Mercedes 220SEb was considered the top of the range and would feature Bosch mechanical fuel injection, giving drivers 120hp and a top speed of 107mph. In total, 16,902 units would be manufactured from 1961 to 1965, with only 2,729 of those being Cabriolets. As you can imagine, the Cabriolet models are highly sought-after. If you’re thinking about selling your 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet, the Alex Manos team is here to be your guide.


1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

Perhaps one of the first things that any educated buyer will want to do when inspecting your 1963 Mercedes Benz 220SEb Cabriolet is to authenticate it. Finding the engine and chassis numbers can do this. You will find the body plate on the radiator core support, which gives the color code and option codes to which the car was built. Do not confuse this plate with the VIN number, which will be found stamped on the right front frame rail. On the other hand, the chassis prefix for the 220SEb Cabriolet is 111.023 and the engine prefix is 127.984. Because this is a Cabriolet model, potential buyers will also want to know about the overall condition of the convertible top and if there is any wear from rain or sun. Lastly, always be prepared to allow the potential buyer to inspect the car’s mechanics and to place it on a lift for a full rust inspection. If you have documentation regarding the ownership history, maintenance or restoration, this will also be helpful in establishing value.



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