Selling a 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111


1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111
1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111

Renowned for being the “most advanced sedan in the world” at the time of its release, the 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 was not only beautiful in styling and strong in performance, it was among the first cars in the world to be built with passenger safety in mind. Take a look at your 1964 Mercedes; you won’t find any hard, sharp edges inside the cabin. Instead owners were presented with thickly padded dashboards, recessed knobs, and padded window surrounds. A new safety steering wheel and steering column, which could collapse on impact also made its debut on the Mercedes 220SE 111 models. The safety measures did not stop there, however! Bela Barenyi, the Mercedes Benz Safety Expert at the time, also designed the car into three separate parts: a rigid passenger compartment, a soft front, and a rear end. Designed to absorb the energy during an impact, we call these areas “crumple zones” today.


1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 Seller’s Tips

If you’re thinking about selling your 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111, there are many buyers out there that choose the Mercedes 220SE 111 for its safety features, while others for its classic styling and collectors appeal. Certainly not the rarest among the 1960’s Mercedes, with more than 66,000 units produced and sold across the globe, the resale market for these 1964 220SE 111 models is still vibrant. The team of classic car specialists at is always in the market to buy Mercedes classics of all years, models and conditions. Whether you have a pristine, showroom condition 1964 Mercedes SE, a classic Ponton that has been sitting in the garage for decades untouched, or a “barn-find” Adenauer with little going for it other than the body, Alex Manos and his team want to talk to you. They are happy to offer top-dollar, in cash, and on the spot for many of today’s classics. To learn more and to receive other Seller’s Tips, contact them today! They are a renowned California classic car dealership known for outstanding customer service and quality car deals.



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