1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL Seller’s Guide


1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL

The Mercedes Benz 230SL was produced from 1963 to 1967 and was the widely popular successor to the prestigious 300SL and 190SL lines. The 1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL, as well as other year models, was equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine with multi-port fuel injection using a mechanical pump system that was adapted from the diesel engines of the time. A rear-wheel drive vehicle, the auto’s independent rear suspension greatly improved road handling and made the 1963 230SL the choice among buyers looking for a sporty, well-equipped sport touring car with great drivability. In fact, even today’s Mercedes Benz collectors and European car enthusiasts turn to the 230SL for its sleek styling, exceptional performance, and everyday reliability. Whether you’re looking for Seller’s Tips because you’re ready to upgrade to a different Mercedes model, have a restoration project you’re not going to finish, or simply need more room in the garage, the team at AlexManos.com would be delighted to share their Seller’s Guide with you.


Selling a 1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL

In 1964, 6,911 of the 230SL models rolled off the factory floor in Stuttgart; part of the 19,831 230SL’s produced over the lifetime of the line. With that being said, one of the biggest Sellers Tips that the team at AlexManos.com can provide is to make your car stand out from the rest. Do you have the popular “California Coupe” version that came with the removable hardtop only? Do you have all the documentation regarding restorations or maintenance? Is your model rust-free? These are all factors that play into the value and desirability of your auto. As one of the most renowned California classic car dealer companies in the United States, the team at AlexManos.com have assisted countless clients buy and sell 1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL models. They understand the unique nature of the European classic car market and are always looking to buy 230SL autos of all conditions and locations.



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