1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL Seller’s Guide


1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL

Based on the W 111 sedan platform, with a reduced wheelbase, double wishbone front suspension and an independent single-joint, low-pivot swing rear axle, the 1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL was less of a sports car and more of a sports touring auto. However, Mercedes-Benz Chief Engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut, who was known to be as competent behind the wheel as any racecar driver of the time, demonstrated the capabilities of the 230SL on the Annamasse Vetraz-Monthoux racetrack in 1963, where he was awarded with the best time of 47.5 seconds – nearly 0.2 seconds faster than the Grand Prix driver Mike Parkes with his V12 Ferrari 250GT. Whether it was its exceptional drivability, world-class safety, stylish lines, or quality of craftsmanship, the Mercedes 230SL was undoubtedly one of the most touted autos of the 1960’s. With more than 19,000 230SL models produced, there are still a number of great examples in use today. Whether you’ve been using your 230SL as a daily-driver or have had it stored in a garage for thirty years, the team at AlexManos.com wants to speak with you.


Selling a 1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL

Alex and his team are always looking for classic and vintage American and European autos in any condition – new, old, restored, unfinished restoration projects, bar-finds, showroom quality and more. They have put together these Seller’s Tips as a resource to help you decide if now is the right time to sell. First, you must consider your motivations. Are you thinking about selling because you want to upgrade to a different model? Are you selling because you need to finance another restoration project you’re working on? Do you need more room in the garage? Is it time to send the kids to college? No matter what your motivation, being content with your decision to sell is important to your satisfaction. Secondly, have you done your research on pricing and availability? Alex and his team offer a wealth of resources throughout this website to help you with value, including this Seller’s Guide. As with any auto, if your 1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL has unique factory options, is lacking rust, or is in excellent mechanical order, the more valuable the vehicle. Alex and his team are experts in determining value and can assist you in assessing the current market.



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