Selling a 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE


1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE
1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE

Proclaimed as the “fintail without the fintails,” the Mercedes Benz 280SE was produced from 1968 to 1972 and was well known for its excellent reliability. Having seen great success in West Germany and in export markets including North America and Southeast Asia, more than 91,000 units would roll off the production like during the lifetime of this classic. The 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE was also mechanically competent and gave drivers excellent handling and power. Equipped with a 2.8-liter M130 engine, which was the last and largest of the “mid-sized” single overhead camshaft six-cylinder inline engines produced by Mercedes, the Mercedes 280SE easily held its own when compared to other sport-luxury sedans of the time. Today, many of these selling features are the same features that draw collectors to the 280SE, as many buyers continue to use these autos as everyday and weekend drivers.


1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE Seller’s Tips

A California classic car dealership with a reputation for fair, honest, and pleasurable car deals, Alex Manos and his team are specialists in the European and American classic car market. Focusing on the classic cars Los Angles and the rest of the United States has to offer, Alex and his team are always looking for new cars to bring into their collection. From poor condition Mercedes that been neglected for years to pristine, showroom condition examples of the most sought-after classics, the team at will literally jump at the opportunity to purchase your classic. When it comes time to sell and you’re searching for Seller’s Tips, don’t hesitate to contact them. They will walk you through photos, documentation, paperwork, pick-up and more. You can rest assured they are happy to offer you top-dollar and in cash for your 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE! They will make this transaction as smooth and seamless as possible.



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