Selling a 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe


1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe
1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe

Making its Hollywood debut in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy, the 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE is perhaps the most widely known for being the successor to the exceptional “Fintail” models of the late 1950s. The 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe, the last of the 250SE range before being replaced by the 280, was designed for the affluent businessmen and well-heeled buyers of the day, yet it was reliable and sensible enough to appeal to families that also appreciated German design, a spacious interior and superb handling on the road. Even today, more than forty years later, the timeless design of the 250SE Coupe and Cabriolet models continues to draw new buyers to a car that has seen decades of business trips, family outings and work commutes. Whether you’ve recently inherited a 250SE Coupe and you’re unsure of how to sell it or you’ve owned one for decades and are finally ready to part with it, the Alex Manos team is standing by to help you navigate today’s classic car market.


1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe Seller’s Guide

The decision to sell your 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe is likely one that you do not take easily. It is probably the culmination of months of thought, yet you’ve decided it’s best to move on. Whether you’re making room in the garage for a new project, want to upgrade to one of Mercedes’ luxury sports cars, or simply need the money from the sale to send your kid to college, Alex and his team of professionals are always interested in learning more about classics that are for sale. In fact, they’d love to learn more about your 1968 250SE Coupe; should it fit into their collection, they’ll even offer to buy it from you. Renowned for being a California classic car dealership with a reputation for fair and honest car deals, it would be their pleasure to offer you top dollar in cash for your classic. To make this transition as stress-free as possible, they’ll even inspect and pick up your car from any location in the United States! They pride themselves on their reputation for excellent customer service and look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.



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When you’re ready to learn more about your options for selling your 1969 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe, please do not hesitate to contact the Alex Manos team at your leisure. They look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find your car’s next owner – maybe it will be them! Connect today to get started.


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