1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL Seller’s Guide


1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL

Often considered a one year model, the majority of the Mercedes Benz 250SL models were built in 1967, however many were sold in, and titled as 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL models. In fact, only two units of the 5,196 produced were actually manufactured in 1968. If you have a 1968 Mercedes 250SL you are considering selling, one of the biggest Seller’s Tips that the team at AlexManos.com can offer you is to determine what year your auto was actually manufactured in. Locating the chassis and engine numbers, as well as the VIN number, and checking them against Mercedes records can accomplish this. In general however, the 250SL is one of the more sought-after autos in the SL line, as they were a limited production and offered several advancements to the line. One of the main advancements was the addition of full disk brakes, as the original cars of the SL line were equipped with 2 disk brakes and 2 drum brakes. Other modern features that draw buyers are the power steering, 4-speed automatic transmission, power assisted brakes, air conditioning, and AM and FM radios.


Selling a 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL

Whether you have a showroom condition 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL or any model throughout the SL line, including the 300SL, the 190SL, and the 230SL, the team at AlexManos.com would like to hear from you. Not only can they help you in determining the value of your model, they are always on the lookout for classic European and American cars to add to their California classic car dealer warehouse. As one of the most reputable classic car dealers in the United States, you can count on Alex and his team to provide an honest assessment of your car’s current condition and value, and if interested, they are happy to offer you top dollar, in cash for your auto. They also have the teams and resources in place to pick up your vehicle from any location in the country, in most cases the next day. So, whether you’re just looking to clean out the garage or are looking to sell your 1968 Mercedes 250SL to fund another restoration, connect today!



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Selling a 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL can be daunting if you don’t have the right connections in the classic car industry. Having assisted countless clients with the purchase and sale of their own classic autos, place your trust in the knowledgeable team at AlexManos.com. They look forward to hearing from you soon!