Selling a 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe


1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe
1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe

Designated internally by Mercedes Benz as the W108, the Mercedes Benz 280SE was the luxurious replacement to the W111 and W112 lines. Manufactured from 1965 to 1972, the 280SE was presented to the public at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1965 and made its debut with increased performance capabilities, an enlarged and refined body, and standard Mercedes reliability buyers had come to respect. Under the hood, the standard 2.8L engine from the earlier generation was used. In total, 5,187 units would be manufactured; of which 3,797 models were Coupes and 1,390 were Cabriolets. Today, due to their rarity, the Cabriolets are perhaps the most desirable among the two, yet there is still quite the demand for the Coupe version. As with all classic cars, authenticity should be verified. As such, Cabriolets should have a chassis prefix of 111.025 and Coupes should read 111.024. These numbers can be verified against Mercedes records prior to the sale of your 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe.


1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe Seller’s Guide

Due to the high cost of restoration for these models, mint examples are quite sought-after. On the other hand, many buyers out there are either looking for a restoration project or need parts for a 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe and are looking for classics of all conditions for this reason. No matter what the condition of your classic 280SE, you can rest assured knowing that there is a buyer out there just waiting on a classic like yours to be released in the market. The Alex Manos team is a group of classic car enthusiasts who are always in the market to buy classic cars of all makes, models and conditions. As you will see from their website, their inventory of classic cars is quite impressive and they are always looking to add more. If you think your 1968 Mercedes 280SE Coupe would be the right fit for their collection – no matter what the condition – please do not hesitate to contact their California classic car dealership at your leisure. With a reputation for fair and honest car deals, their team is always happy to offer you top dollar, payable in cash, on the spot. There are not many places that can do that, Alex and his team are prepared to do so.



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