Selling a 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet


1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet
1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet

Priced at $14,509 in 1971, the 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet was designed to capture a wider audience for the German automaker’s brand. First unveiled at the 1969 Frankfurt motor Show, the 280SE was built on the W111 platform and its unit-body construction offered uncompromising stiffness not seen in other convertibles at the time. During this era, Mercedes offered a 2.6L 160 horsepower inline-six and a 200 horsepower 3.5 liter V8. The 3.5L was certainly the most favored. Modern reviews of the 280SE Cabriolet often describe the car as a “tank,” referring to its uncompromising build quality and stiffness, as well as its sheer size. The fully independent suspension (double wishbone in front) offered smooth ride quality that couldn’t be matched by other car companies for over a decade. The Mercedes 280SE Cabriolet would be the last four-seat convertible offered by the company until the E320 Cabriolet would be released in 1992. One of the most sought-after automobiles ever produced by Mercedes, it is easy to understand why.


1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet Seller’s Guide

Due to the hefty price tag of these remaining 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SE Cabriolet models, of which approximately only 1,232 would be produced, finding a buyer for your 280SE 2.5L can be quite the challenge. Generally reserved for a short “A List” of owners and collectors like Ralph Lauren, placing an advertisement in the local newspaper will not suffice. When selling your Mercedes 280SE, place your trust in a California classic car dealership that has the knowledge, experience, resources and connections to ensure your car sells for its highest value. Always in the market to buy 280SE models of all conditions and locations, the Alex Manos team would be delighted to learn more about your special Mercedes classic. Whether you’ve recently inherited the car or you’ve had it for decades but are ready to make room in the garage, the Alex Manos team understands the unique bonds we can form with these classics and will work to ensure your transaction is nothing short of unparalleled.



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