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Mercedes Benz 300B

Considered to be a truly massive and exceptional automobile for its time, the Mercedes Benz 300 was the first completely new offering from Daimler-Benz following World War II. Focusing primarily on engineering, the 300 was produced with an overhead-cam 3.0-liter inline six that would later gain praise in the 300SL racing and road-going sports cars. Having a production span of nearly a decade, the Mercedes Benz 300 saw a number of specification changes throughout the years. In 1954, when Mercedes introduced the Mercedes Benz 300B, the first of these specification changes were made. With hardly any visible external changes, the 300 B offered higher compression, 10 more horsepower, and a pair of Solex carburetors. Other popular advancements included upgraded finned brake drums and front door vents.


Mercedes Benz 300B Seller’s Tips

The Mercedes Benz 300B has a reputation for being bulky and tedious in tight spots, however it is also renowned for its meticulous engineering and beautiful finishes. If you are looking to sell classic Mercedes 300B models, you will be interested in also knowing that enthusiasts praise the car for its solid chassis, spaciousness and somewhat advanced engineering for its time. During its production from 1951 to 1955, approximately 6,241 of the 300 and 300 B models were made, while in later years the 300 C and 300 D saw 1,432 and 3,077 respectively. If you have one of these desired autos and are looking to sell Mercedes 300, the team at wants to speak with you. Whether a barn find, uncompleted restoration project, or pristine, showroom condition example, Alex Manos and his team purchase cars of all conditions and locations.



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