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Mercedes Benz 300C

Introduced at the Frankfurt Automobile Show in April 1951, the Mercedes Benz Type 300 or W186 model was the first post-war automobile that Mercedes could once again claim as the best car in the world. The third generation of the Mercedes 300 was the Mercedes Benz 300C, which was available as a sedan or four-door Cabriolet and was presented in 1955 after successful launches of the 300 and 300B models. Interestingly, the 300 B and 300 C were nearly identical to each other, however the 300C offered buyers a larger rear window and the first ever option for an automatic transmission. Notable also because of its short production run, the Mercedes 300C is considered one of the most desirable of the 300 models today.


Mercedes Benz 300C Seller’s Tips

The Mercedes Benz 300 – including the Mercedes Benz 300C, 300B, 300D, 300S, and 300SC models – is often referred to as the “Adenauer”; a nickname historically derived from the name Dr. Konrad Adenauer, then Chancellor of Germany. The Chancellor was said to have used at least six of these Type 300 models during his tenure. During their day, the Mercedes Benz 300 was reserved for the elite and famous, with the 300 C offered at the price tag of $10,864 at the time of its launch. In fact, the convertible version was released at the price tag of $14,231. With only 3 units produced in 1955 and 48 produced in 1956, if you are one of the lucky few that own a 300C, you’ve got something special. The team at Alex Manos is always looking to buy classic and vintage American and European autos from around the country – and in all conditions. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to a different collector car or simply are ready to part with your 300C, the team at Alex Manos wants to talk to you.



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