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Mercedes Benz 300D

Often referred to as the “Adenauer”, the Mercedes Benz Type 300 was the ultimate luxury car of the early 1950’s. Launched in late 1951, it was remarkably refined and advanced for its time. In fact, the Mercedes Benz 300D and its sister models the 300, 300B and 300C, are viewed by many to be the finest engineered saloon cars of its era, particularly when comparing the sophistication of its chassis and engine with other premium brands of its time. Quite simply, the W186 or Mercedes 300 is a true icon of design in the automotive world, not only for Mercedes Benz but also in the history of motorcar engineering. Many of today’s collectors and enthusiasts also find the 300 important because it was the impetus for the closely related and highly prized 300S and 300SC models, as well as the world-renowned 300SL Gullwing.


Mercedes Benz 300d Seller’s Tips

Interestingly, the pedigree of this model has not meant that the 300 models achieved the same market value of these other praised types. For example, a 4-door 300 is perhaps worth just 20 percent of a contemporary 2-door 300S despite its similar design and appearance. They Mercedes Benz 300D and its sister models are still widely-considered popular collector cars, particularly for those looking for a restoration project or for a mid-priced classic. The 300D was manufactured from July 1958 to February 1962, with only 65 units produced. The most rare Mercedes Benz 300D models are from 1957 in which only 3 were produced, 1960 in which 16 were produced, and 1961 in which only one unit was produced. If you’re looking to sell classic Mercedes 300 models, the team at Alex Manos can assist you. Connect with them today to learn more about your options and about the resources they provide for classic car sellers.



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