Selling A Mercedes Benz 300S


Mercedes Benz 300S

The Mercedes Benz 300S and 300SC series cars were considered top-of-the-line cars in their day and are today some of the most desired and rare Mercedes Benz autos. Highly desired by collectors, the Mercedes Benz 300S was first shown in October 1951 at the Paris Auto Show. Relying heavily on the technology of the Type 300, the 300S still offered the old-world, hand crafted workmanship and classic styling that had become iconic over the decades. The Mercedes 300 S was offered originally in two body styles; a fixed roof Coupe with a beautifully formal air, and convertible with functional landau bars. Later in its production, a third style would be specified, which had no landau bars and a top that completely disappeared when folded. Always advanced for its day, Mercedes raised the engine compression of the 300B, 300C, and 300D models to 7.8:1 using three Solex downdraft carburetors. This resulted in 150 horsepower at 5000rpm, giving the 300S a top speed of almost 180km/h.


Mercedes Benz 300S Seller’s Tips

Produced from September 1951 to August 1955, only 560 examples of the Mercedes Benz 300S were ever produced. Among them, 126 were Coupes, 203 were Cabriolets, and 216 were Roadsters. If you are looking to sell Mercedes 300 of any condition or to sell classic Mercedes of any model, you’ve come to the right place. The team at is always looking for unique classic European and American autos for their collection and would be happy to assist you. Prices for the 300S can vary widely depending on body style and condition. For example, a pristine 300S Roadster can fetch upwards of six figures, while a poor condition 300S Coupe can start in the low teens. If you’re considering selling your Mercedes 300, it is imperative to speak with the team at Alex Manos to understand the demand for your particular auto. Buyers are also more inclined to purchase a complete Mercedes Benz 300S, due to the difficulty of finding parts and the cost to restore these rare autos.



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